Coffee & Coworking at Unicorn Studios

What is it about drinking coffee that is so pleasurable? Why does it fit so perfectly in a coworking environment? One member shares her thoughts.

An ode to coffee

I have loved the smell of coffee since a child, when a coffee roasting business opened its doors in my home town. I remember the enticing smell of freshly roasted coffee that it cleverly piped into the street to lure in its enchanted customers. 

I enjoyed standing at the counter watching the paper bags being filled with a selection of little brown beans, and the pleasure of knowing that I’d get to grind them for my parents, once we got home. 

I never grew tired of turning the handle and watching the beans disappear into the little drawer below. The wonderful aroma and conversion from beans to grounds seemed like magic to a young girl. If I'm truly honest a part of me is still captivated by the experience.

Coffee Roasting - by Gregory Hayes

My love of coffee is deeply rooted in the pleasure derived from those early memories. As I’ve enjoyed many cups of coffee over the years, on some unconscious level I suspect, I relive that early passion and excitement. 

My coffee ritual

I have a ritual that I perform every time I arrive at Unicorn Studios. I exchange greetings with other members, take off my coat and head straight to the kitchen to grab a big yellow mug from the cupboard. 

I’m focused on making my first coffee of the day before I’ve even unpacked my MacBook from its case. I stand in front of our Nespresso machine, breathing in the beautiful aroma of freshly brewed coffee as it trickles into my mug. 

Breathing in the beautiful aroma of freshly brewed coffee

I place my precious mug of coffee on the green square of Astro turf (we use as coasters), unpack my Mac, and begin my working day. 

Sipping my coffee, chatting with my coworkers, I feel a deep sense of belonging! Grateful that I have found a friendly place to work that is a home away from home. 

With my precious mug of coffee I begin my working day

Coffee culture 

I know why I love coffee but why is drinking it such an important part of British culture? Is it the stimulus it provides when starting a new day, or the enjoyment of sitting in coffee shops relaxing with friends, or the times an espresso shot (or two) helps us meet a pressing deadline? For me, at least, it’s a combination of all those things. 

I’m sure I’m not speaking just for myself when I say that our coffee machine and selection of coffees are much appreciated in our coworking studio. 

Drinking coffee and chatting with fellow coworkers is a great way of relaxing and building relationships. But it’s also reassuring to know that a shot of coffee can help revive me, if I need some extra stimulus to knuckle down and get a task completed.

Join us for coffee and coworking!

If you are a freelancer or remote worker and are tired of staring at the same four walls, join us for a great mug of coffee and a friendly working environment. We have a wide variety of coffee to choose from (everyone has their favourites) so you will be spoilt for choice. 

You can book a tour of the studio and a free trial day by clicking the button below.

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