Congratulations to our studio members, James Crisp and Rob Simpson for completing the Brighton Marathon!

Our Latest Posts

Our Latest Posts

This month's "Meet the Founder" features Software Developer, Steve Butterworth, who is one of the three founders of Unicorn Studios. He is a keen cyclist, loves to travel, and has recently become "slightly obsessed with the Wim Hof Method", which involves breathing exercises followed by an iced bath or a chilly dip in the sea or river.

Being competitive as a freelance business owner

How can individual personality traits affect our freelance business?


We add importance to many material things these days but have you ever considered the value of a physical workplace? I know I didn't until the events of the last few years...

What is it about drinking coffee that is so pleasurable? Why does it fit so perfectly in a coworking environment? One member shares her thoughts.

Coworking studios offer entrepreneurs many advantages when starting a new business from reduced overheads to increased visibility. With flexible working, and professional networking opportunities, there is great potential for growth and business development within a coworking space.

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