How can individual personality traits affect our freelance business?

Personality plays a significant role in the success of a freelance business. From communication style to work ethic, our unique traits and characteristics can greatly impact our effectiveness as a freelancer.

We all have unique personality traits

Understanding how personality influences our approach to client relationships, time management, and problem-solving can make a substantial difference in the overall performance of our business. It can help us leverage our strengths and address any potential challenges.

How do introverts communicate?

Introverted personalities often prefer written communication over verbal expression. They may be more comfortable expressing themselves through emails, journals, and blogs. This allows them to carefully craft their thoughts before sharing them.

In one-on-one interactions, introverts are likely to listen more than they speak, taking in the information and reflecting on it before responding. They tend to value deep, meaningful conversations over small talk.

In social situations, introverts generally prefer to engage in deep, one-on-one conversations rather than participating in group discussions. When expressing themselves, they often choose their words carefully and prioritise clarity and depth over quantity.

In large group settings, introverts may feel more comfortable observing and processing information rather than actively participating.

Introverts and extroverts can make us behave in different ways

How do extroverts communicate?

Extroverted personalities often exhibit a communication style that is characterised by being outgoing, talkative, and highly social in interpersonal interactions. They thrive in group discussions, enjoying the energy and dynamics of interacting with multiple people at once.

Their ability to easily express themselves makes them adept at articulating their thoughts and feelings. This can make them engaging communicators, who are able to capture and retain the attention of those around them.

Their talkative nature and sociable demeanour make them adept at connecting with a wide range of people and building relationships through their outgoing communication style.

Introverted and extroverted personalities

How does introversion and extroversion affect our working styles? 

When studying psychology I learnt that extroversion and introversion traits are on a spectrum. We may be more extroverted in some areas of our lives whilst more introverted in others. We are just more predisposed to one more than the other.

Our unique personalities have a significant impact on the way we communicate, collaborate, and make decisions in the workplace.

Extroverted people like me, tend to be more talkative and sociable, which can lead to more open communication and collaboration with others. We prefer to discuss ideas and make decisions as a team. It is personally my favourite way of working. If I work alone for too long, I feel bored and unstimulated, like my battery has gone flat.

On the other hand, introverted individuals may rely more on written communication and prefer to work independently. They often excel at focused, independent decision-making.

When working with some of my introverted colleagues I try to listen and not talk too much, giving them time to respond. They can often provide deep and meaningful insights that I would personally have overlooked.

An introvert enjoying working alone

Key personality traits important in any freelance business

Irrespective of our individual personalities, there are key traits that we need to develop to succeed in the freelance industry. Mastering these traits can significantly impact the success and longevity of our freelancing careers. 


Self-discipline is essential for us to stay focused, meet deadlines, and manage our time effectively. Without this trait, it can be challenging to maintain productivity and deliver high-quality work. 

We can all struggle at times with being self-disciplined, especially if the project we are working on doesn't engage us. However, pushing through to completion, despite how we are feeling can be rewarding, and not just because of the money we earn. I have found that it gives me a sense of satisfaction and self-respect.


Adaptability is essential when it comes to navigating change and uncertainty. As a freelancer, we may be called upon to work on projects outside of our comfort zone. Being able to quickly adjust to new scenarios and challenges can help us remain competitive in the freelance industry.

It is essential for managing fluctuating workloads and navigating the ever-changing freelance market. Those of us who can adjust our schedules and work efficiently during busy periods will thrive in the freelance industry.


Building and maintaining a client base also requires specific personality traits. In today's challenging economy we need to have effective communication skills, be reliable, and have a customer-centric approach to our freelancing activities. 

As freelancers we need to be proactive in marketing our business, and providing excellent customer service to retain our clients.

We have a kaleidoscope of personalities in our workplaces

Self-motivated and resilient

Self-motivation is another vital trait for freelancers, as we must be driven to seek out opportunities, constantly improve our skills, and stay updated on industry trends. This is especially true for new business owners, as it takes time to establish a reliable customer base and carve out our niche in the industry.

We also need to be increasingly resilient to overcome setbacks and rejection and keep pushing towards our goals. Resilience helps us to knuckle down and push on regardless. This is particularly important when we are facing challenges that seem beyond our control. 

Able to listen and understand

Being able to follow instructions is a key trait for any freelancer. We must be able to understand and comply with our clients' requests and directions in order to meet their expectations. This involves the ability to ask relevant questions, listen attentively, and provide feedback in an appropriate manner.

Whilst these are highly desirable personality traits, we can't expect to master them overnight. They can take years to develop, so be patient with yourself. Learn from your mistakes, try a different approach, and keep going. (I know this isn't always easy when your livelihood is at stake.)

Extroverted freelancers enjoying collaborating together

How does our personality affect how our freelance business develops?

The personality of a freelance business owner can significantly impact the development and success of their business. Different personality traits can influence how freelancers approach their work, interact with clients, and handle challenges.

For instance, individuals with a creative personality may have a unique and innovative approach to their business, leading to original, engaging work that sets them apart from competitors.

Freelancers who can easily adapt, have the ability to quickly adjust to changes in the market or client demands, allowing them to remain competitive and relevant.

Those who are resilient are better equipped to handle setbacks and rejections, allowing them to bounce back and continue pursuing their goals. This mindset can be crucial in the often uncertain and fluctuating world of freelancing.

Understanding and leveraging our unique traits can help us build a strong and sustainable business that stands out in a competitive market.

Expressing our individual personalities at Unicorn Studios

At Unicorn Studios we have a broad mix of personalities amongst our members. That is one of the things that I love most about working here. 

As an extrovert I have a tendency to be rather talkative. It is very natural for me to want to share my thoughts and be very sociable. A lot of our members also value the opportunity to express themselves, and connect with other professionals. They see it as a welcome break from working alone at home. 

If you'd like to find out more about freelancing at Unicorn Studios, book a tour of the studio below.

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