The value of a physical workplace

We add importance to many material things these days but have you ever considered the value of a physical workplace? I know I didn't until the events of the last few years...

Journey to work

Walking to work - Tim Gouw

There is something about leaving the house each morning to go to work. Whether you walk, catch a bus, or jump in a car, the journey has a purpose, and along the way you connect with the world around you (if only on some unconscious level).

During lockdown it was a novelty to be able to work from home in our pyjamas but I think for most people these days, it has lost its appeal. We need to associate with others in the real world, to separate the different aspects of our lives. It is good for our mental well being. 

The limitations of Zoom

It did seem for a time, that connecting on Zoom with virtual colleagues would be the new normal but it can be really draining. Our brains weren’t designed to communicate in such a limited fashion. They were built to interpret body language and micro expressions in the context of our environment. Not to stare at someone’s face on a computer screen for hours on end.

Connecting on Zoom - Anna Schvets

Hybrid working

Many of us have chosen to make changes to our working lives. Some have adopted a hybrid working model that supposedly offers the best of both worlds (although my friends don’t enjoy it as much as they thought).

Is it because at heart, most of us are creatures of habit? There can be something quite comforting about sitting at the same desk each day, with the same group of colleagues (even if some of them have some irritating habits). 

With hybrid working the routines are broken and the workplace is half empty. It’s missing the usual noise and energy, as colleagues now keep different hours. 

Working in a coworking space

A coworking space might not be a conventional work place but it offers all of its advantages and more. I’m not actually talking about the Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, or coffee machine (but they are much appreciated). 

It’s the sound of tapping keyboards, the snippets of conversations and the joyful sound of laughter as someone cracks a joke.

It is the sense of camaraderie and fun that gets me out of bed on a cold, wintry morning and puts a spring in my step as I head to the Studio. 

The sound of tapping keyboards and snippets of conversations

Working in a coworking space is even more precious because of those countless hours I spent alone, staring at a computer screen during lockdown. But as those memories fade, I hope I never forget just how precious it is to share my workplace with other humans. 

I find that being around others at Unicorn Studios can be motivating, even when performing the most mundane tasks. In fact, some members choose to do their most boring, repetitive work at the studio because its environment allows them to be focused and productive.

As we pack up our laptops at the end of the day, with a sense of accomplishment, we leave our working day behind, free to go home and relax.

Join Unicorn Studios

With its creative buzz, and friendly banter, Unicorn Studios is a place where you can enjoy your work, be productive, and gain a sense of belonging.

If you are feeling fed up working from home or just need a change of scene, join us at the studio. You can book a tour and free trial day by clicking the button below. We hope to see you soon! 

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