Forget the gym! Try these funny New Year's resolutions instead

As the new year approaches, many people start thinking about making resolutions for positive change in their lives. However, instead of the typical, serious goals, why not add some humour and light-heartedness to your New Year's resolutions?

Embrace your inner couch potato

It's time to let loose your inner couch potato and indulge in some good old-fashioned TV binge-watching.

Picture yourself lounging on the sofa, surrounded by a mountain of pillows and blankets, with a never-ending supply of snacks within arm's reach. Your only mission for the day is to binge-watch your favourite TV shows.

It's a much-needed break from the endless cycle of New Year's resolutions that revolve around fitness, diets, and productivity.

Embrace the simple joy in flopping onto the couch and losing yourself in a great drama. There is something undeniably satisfying about snuggling up with a cosy blanket and your favourite treats. Sometimes, we all need a little downtime to recharge and relax.

Become an expert in procrastination

Procrastination – the fine art of doing everything except what we're supposed to be doing. It's like a rite of passage for every human being.

Instead of viewing it as an unproductive behaviour, see it as an opportunity to excel in the art of delaying tasks. This way you will be honing a skill rather than avoiding responsibilities.

If you need a little help perfecting your procrastination skills, here are some tips: Always have a backup plan in case you actually start getting things done, find creative ways to justify your procrastination to yourself (and others), and never underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned nap to avoid doing anything productive.

Remember that procrastination is not a bad habit, it’s a skill and lifestyle choice. So, go ahead and put off reading that self-help article on productivity – there’s always tomorrow!

Master the art of food combinations  

Are you tired of eating the same old boring meals every day? It's time to shake things up and unleash your inner culinary genius!

Experimenting with unusual food combinations is the perfect way to create unique dining experiences that will surprise and delight your taste buds. 

Before you start raiding the fridge, it is important to note that not everyone's taste buds are created equal. What tickles your palate might make someone else cringe. But life is short so take some risks!

This year, don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows what kind of fabulous flavour combinations you might discover! How about peanut butter and bacon sandwiches? Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Develop your skills in creative excuses

Are you tired of the same old boring excuses for being late or skipping events? It's time to unleash your creativity and come up with some truly out-of-the-box excuses that will leave everyone scratching their heads (or bursting into laughter).

Late for work? How about blaming it on being abducted by aliens and having to negotiate your safe return - we all know that intergalactic diplomacy takes time!

Don't feel like going to that boring family get together? Tell them you've been struck down with a sudden case of acute narcolepsy and can't stop falling asleep at random intervals.

Want to avoid the washing up? Tell them, "sorry, I can't do the dishes, I've developed a rare condition called spongephobia and it's just too traumatic for me."

The key to a good excuse is to bring a touch of absurdity and creativity to the situation. Just remember, the more outrageous and outlandish your excuse, the less likely anyone will question it.

Next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, just remember - a little creativity and a lot of humour go a long way. And if all else fails, blame it on the cat. 

Enhance your nap-taking skills

Are you fed up with always feeling tired? It's time to embrace the art of napping and unleash its incredible benefits. Who wouldn't want to boost their mood, and increase alertness with a quick snooze? It's like a magic reset button for your brain!

Creating the perfect nap environment is key. Snuggle up with some cosy blankets, put on some relaxing music, and get ready to drift off into dreamland. It's like a mini vacation without the hassle of packing.

You can take napping to a whole new level. Find odd places to nap, like under your desk at work or in a shopping trolley at the supermarket. When you're tired, just nap wherever you can find a soft spot.

Some might see it as a sign of laziness, but think of it as a talent worth developing. Who wouldn't want to take a snooze and wake up feeling like a new person?

Master a silly skill

Forget the yoga classes and other traditional resolutions, it's time to embrace the weird and wonderful, get silly, and reduce stress! Whether it's learning to juggle, mastering the art of spoon bending, or perfecting your watermelon carving abilities, there's a whole world of silly skills out there just waiting to be explored.

It may seem a little absurd at first, but, it's a great way to break out of your comfort zone and inject some lighthearted fun into your life. 

Who knows, you might discover a hidden talent or passion that you never knew you had. And if not, at least you'll have some hilarious stories to share with friends and family. Pick up that unicycle, learn to speak fluent emoji, or perfect your animal balloon twisting abilities. The only limit is your imagination.

Discover your inner child

Discovering your inner child doesn't mean throwing tantrums in the supermarket when they're out of your favourite cereal (although, that does sound like fun). I'm talking about revisiting the activities that made your heart sing when you were a kid.

Go to the playground and swing on the swings, stomp in puddles and get soaked, or fly a kite, just for the pure joy of it all.

Nostalgia has a powerful way of evoking happy memories and reducing stress. Who needs to give up carbs when you can have the pleasure of playing video games or building LEGO sets?

This year, dedicate time to letting go of adult responsibilities, and just have fun! You'll be amazed at how much lighter and happier you'll feel.

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