Meet the Members: Carl Harris

This month's "Meet the Member" features artist and illustrator Carl Harris, who thrives on interaction, has a unique hidden talent, and loves relaxing in his Jim Jams eating leftovers.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you come to Unicorn Studios?

I’m an artist and illustrator living and working in Ipswich, Suffolk. I graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1994 with a Degree in Illustration. I specialise mainly in mark-making. Pencil on paper, acrylic on wood and linocut prints; the drawn image – expressed by a mark, smudge, messy mistake or just a pure pencil line – excites me. I’m fascinated by visual storytelling, drawing a narrative, venturing into fairy tale, make-believe, the unknown and just simple day-dreaming.

Over the last 13 years I’ve been creating a visual storyline around Catboy: the boy with the cat shadow. It was inspired initially by my mischievous cat Harrison and my playful nephew Austin. My own childhood has also provided a more general theme to my work. I was a cheeky young boy, who dreamt of being an astronaut and building his own robot. I liked to go for adventures on long summer days, climb trees, skim stones and cycle fast down country lanes. I want to portray this sense of youth, adventure and discovery in my work.

I come to Unicorn Studios because it’s nice to create with other people, I thrive on the interaction. The good stuff happens when I’m around excited, like minded people.

What was your first job?

Paper round, 10 years old. Loved it. Lots of life learning skills, getting up at every morning, delivering, chatting with people, good work ethic. Funny enough 40 years on I’m a Sainsbury’s Delivery driver doing the same thing but now I use my work to fuel my creative side. I get to see the best of Suffolk . The Wildlife inspires me. Working on one particular . “The Suffolk Road Runner” The daft Pheasant, beautiful bird but so stupid

What work accomplishment are you most proud of?

Sold a bear drawing at The Affordable Art Fair, London for £2500. The Gallery called me with so much excitement…Chuffed to bits as I didn’t expect when sitting in my studio to decide to draw a massive bear with a young boy juggling next to him would warrant such money. Proper chuffed.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early. I do grown up stuff early, but now turned 50, quite happy to be in bed by 10pm listening to the radio and dozing off.

When working at home what is your guilty pleasure?

Being in my Jim Jams all day eating leftovers and watching jet fighter you tube videos. Always wanted to be a Jet Fighter

What’s one of your favourite memories this year?

Being back on the island Thassos in Greece favourite destination after all the shit that’s happened in the world . golden beach floating 500 yds off shore. I swim and I swim as far out as possible to float and relax, no noise. Total switch off. 

What’s something you’re planning on doing in the next year that you’ve never done before?

Learn to tap dance. I used to Break Dance as a 12 year old when the ’Rock Steady Crew’ had a hit way back in the 80’s.

What is your hidden talent?

Dancing, when I’m cooking in the Kitchen and a banging tune comes on, I love to dance…give me a beat and I’ll improvise….but I’m known to light a fart at the weekend.

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

Jet Fighter Pilot. Get goosebumps when I hear a jet fighter fly overhead.

What three people would be your fantasy coworkers at Unicorn studios? And why?

Norman Rockwell - my absolute best ever, favourite illustrator of the Saturday Evening post and a pure draughtsman of skill and story telling.

Micky Flanagan - we’d be giggling all day and having a great chat.

Philip Glass - he’d be playing my favourite music

Would you rather be a tiny unicorn or a giant hamster?

Proper giant hamster cuddling everyone and having a nice time.


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